Living Theology (Retreat of Our Own) September 20-22, 2013 with Rev. Dr. Kristine Ruffatto

We have embraced a new title for this year’s retreat, “Living Theology”, but otherwise the weekend will be structured like our previous retreats: a time to be away in a beautiful place, connecting and reconnecting with new and old friends from around Alberta, and, most of all,  growing in our faith and understanding by listening to a gifted theologian.  We are hopeful that, in addition to the Lutherans in attendance, we will be joined by a number of our Anglican brothers and sisters.

We are excited to have Rev. Dr. Kristine Ruffatto with us this year to share “Good News from Old Texts”.  Her topics are:

1. The Power of Poetry: The Psalms as Prayers of the Human Heart

The psalms form those who pray them. What can we gain from these ancient prayers of joy, sorrow, frustration, and even rage? What do these poems say about God and God’s people, and how does the speaking of them form faith and shape reality? We will explore the power of biblical poetic prayer for the life of faith and the richness of this evocative (and provocative) language.

2. What Good Can Come from Sinai? The Biblical Witness for Changing Laws for Changing Times

The legal traditions of the Bible are living and dynamic. The Old Testament preserves a conversation about the relation between divinely revealed law and human interpretations of those laws. The New Testament proclaims Jesus as the One who both fulfills the law and overturns it, and it witnesses to the revising and even setting aside of older laws. We will explore what is the guiding principle behind biblical legal ethics.

Dr. Ruffatto is Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Pastoral Care at Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon.  She has served as a missionary in Africa and a pastor in the USA.  Before coming to Saskatoon, Dr. Ruffatto taught for Wartburg Theological Seminary and lectured at Marquette University.  Her interest include Indian cooking, travel, reading and playing the clarinet.  She believes that teaching and preaching the gospel is the best job in the world.