Past Retreats

Justice, Grace, Hope: Making Sense in a Mixed-Up World
Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen, OMG Center for Theological Conversation
(sessions: We Are Justified; Radical Grace; Loss, Grief, & Hope)

Anna Madsen with Bp Larry

Reformation and Resistance for Today: Inspiration from the
Reformers, Bonhoeffer, and the Interfaith Movement
Rev. Dr. Thom Johnson, Claremont School of Theology (sessions: Luther and Bonhoeffer; Reformation 500; The Interfaith Movement Today)


Pilgrimage: A Western Canadian User’s Guide
Rev. Dr. Matthew Anderson, Concordia University (sessions: Something Grand [film]; What is Walking Pilgrimage? Five Elements; Luther, 2017, & How Christian Pilgrimage Has Changed; Indigenizing Pilgrimages)

Faith in the 21st Century: Politics, Science, and the Workplace
Rev. Dr. Cam Harder, Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon

“Houses of Living Stone”: Creating Space for Mission and Identity in a Secular Society
Rev. Dr. Harry Maier, Vancouver School of Theology

Good News from Old Texts
Rev. Dr. Kristine Ruffatto, Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon, spoke about the use of the Psalms and about interpreting the Old Testament. (Sessions: The Power of Poetry: The Psalms as Prayers of the Human Heart; What Good Can Come from Sinai? The Biblical Witness for Changing Laws for Changing Times)

Luther and the Hungry Poor
Rev. Dr. Samuel Torvend, Pacific Lutheran University, spoke about Martin Luther’s concern for the reform of society, as well as a reform of theology.

Luther, Scripture and the Word
Rev. Dr. Gordon Jensen, Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon, discussed Martin Luther’s understanding of  scripture and the Word of God.

Ecology, The Bible and Our Future: Are We Living at the End of the World?
Rev. Dr. Barbara Rossing discussed scripture and the care of the earth.

Christian Hospitality: Invited to Stay, Invited to Go
Rev. Kevin Ogilvie, President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon.  The three sessions were titled: Radical Hospitality, Raw Mission, and Ministry as Leaving or Staying.

2008    The Bible and Qur’an: Competing or Cooperating Revelations?
Dr. Volker Greifenhagen, Lutheran pastor, Assistant Dean and Professor of Religious Studies of at Luther College in Regina. The three sessions were titled: Ishmael and Isaak: The Fractured Family of Jews, Christians and Muslims; Ishmael Instructs Isaak I: The Bible and the Qur’an;  Ishmael Instructs Isaak II: The Bible Through the Qur’an.

2007    Atonement: New Perspectives on a Central Idea in Christian Faith
Dr. Christian Eberhart, Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon. The three sessions were titled: Discovering uncharted territory in the Old Testament: Worship and Sacrifices; Understanding the Sacrifice of Jesus: Cultic Images of Atonement in the New Testament; an Understanding the Sacrifices of Jesus: Secular Images of Atonement in the New Testament.

2006    Through the Eyes of the Prophets: How Amos, Hosea and Isaiah criticize and energize us in our lives in society today
Dr. Dittmar Mündel, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta. The three sessions were titled: Amos, Justice Prophet; Hosea – “She will pursue her lovers, but not overtake them…”; and Isaiah 45-55 – Prophetic energizing “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.”

2005    Reading Paul Again for the Very First Time
Dr. Barbara Rossing, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago. The three sessions were titled: Reading Romans from Back to Front: Meeting Paul’s Communities; Koinonia and Economic Sharing: Early Christian Diversity; and Letters Paul Did  Not Write: How did Paul’s legacy continue?

2004    The Rapture Exposed
Dr. Barbara Rossing