Past Retreats

Reformation and Resistance for Today: Inspiration from the
Reformers, Bonhoeffer, and the Interfaith Movement – Rev. Dr. Thom Johnson, Claremont School of Theology (sessions: Luther and Bonhoeffer; Reformation 500; The Interfaith Movement Today)



Pilgrimage: A Western Canadian User’s Guide
– Rev. Dr. Matthew Anderson, Concordia University (sessions: Something Grand [film]; What is Walking Pilgrimage? Five Elements; Luther, 2017, & How Christian Pilgrimage Has Changed; Indigenizing Pilgrimages)

Faith in the 21st Century: Politics, Science, and the Workplace
– Rev. Dr. Cam Harder, Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon

“Houses of Living Stone”: Creating Space for Mission and Identity in a Secular Society
– Rev. Dr. Harry Maier, Vancouver School of Theology

Good News from Old Texts
– Rev. Dr. Kristine Ruffatto, Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon, spoke about the use of the Psalms and about interpreting the Old Testament.

Luther and the Hungry Poor
– Rev. Dr. Samuel Torvend, Pacific Lutheran University, spoke about Martin Luther’s concern for the reform of society, as well as a reform of theology.

Luther, Scripture and the Word
– Rev. Dr. Gordon Jensen, Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon, discussed Martin Luther’s understanding of  scripture and the Word of God.

Ecology, The Bible and Our Future: Are We Living at the End of the World? – Rev. Dr. Barbara Rossing discussed scripture and the care of the earth.

Christian Hospitality: Invited to Stay, Invited to Go
– Rev. Kevin Ogilvie, President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon.  The three sessions were titled: Radical Hospitality, Raw Mission, and Ministry as Leaving or Staying.

2008    The Bible and Qur’an: Competing or Cooperating Revelations? – Dr. Volker Greifenhagen, Lutheran pastor, Assistant Dean and Professor of Religious Studies of at Luther College in Regina. The three sessions were titled: Ishmael and Isaak: The Fractured Family of Jews, Christians and Muslims; Ishmael Instructs Isaak I: The Bible and the Qur’an;  Ishmael Instructs Isaak II: The Bible Through the Qur’an.

2007    Atonement: New Perspectives on a Central Idea in Christian Faith – Dr. Christian Eberhart, Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon. The three sessions were titled: Discovering uncharted territory in the Old Testament: Worship and Sacrifices; Understanding the Sacrifice of Jesus: Cultic Images of Atonement in the New Testament; an Understanding the Sacrifices of Jesus: Secular Images of Atonement in the New Testament.

2006    Through the Eyes of the Prophets: How Amos, Hosea and Isaiah criticize and energize us in our lives in society today – Dr. Ditmar Mündel, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta. The three sessions were titled: Amos, Justice Prophet; Hosea – “She will pursue her lovers, but not overtake them…”; and Isaiah 45-55 – Prophetic energizing “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.”

2005    Reading Paul Again for the Very First Time – Dr. Barbara Rossing, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago. The three sessions were titled: Reading Romans from Back to Front: Meeting Paul’s Communities; Koinonia and Economic Sharing: Early Christian Diversity; and Letters Paul Did  Not Write: How did Paul’s legacy continue?

2004    The Rapture Exposed – Dr. Barbara Rossing